spatchcocked chicken with mushrooms

This week, we made it through a 25-hour fast with no food and no water. It was tough! However, I think it was one of the better ones for me. Every year, we get to Yom Kippur and I have to brace myself for the difficulty of the day. I remember one year having to skip some services and go to bed because I felt so horrible – headache and aches and pains, among other things. I remember another year where my mouth was like parchment, waiting through those final hours, all I could think of was water.

This time, I did ok! I got to the end of the fast and I didn’t feel like I was dying! The food and water tasted amazing, that’s for sure. I made my signature cheesy waffles for the break-fast party, but once again, that’s not the recipe I’m giving you. 😉

Instead, I give you the delicious and magnificent chicken dish I served my husband the night before the fast, which carried us through the next 25 hours with aplomb. I am marking it to make next year – Joshua had the leftovers the following day for lunch and couldn’t believe how effectively it stuck to his ribs. I served the chicken with a simple pasta with olive oil and dried herbs. Do as you will.