salmon with thai curry peanut sauce

This is an awesome recipe. Joshua said he could eat the peanut sauce as a soup. It was delicious and will definitely be gracing our table again and again!

Also, the salmon is roasted in the oven, which makes the recipe somewhat timeless, because you don’t have to worry about grill weather. Also, if you’re not a curry fan (like some of my family members), I think you could totally un-curry this and leave that out. The recipe calls for red curry paste, which I never, ever have on hand. Where are people getting all this curry paste?! I see it all the time in recipes, and I have no idea where to get it where it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg. However! I just used a tablespoon of curry powder, instead. Probably it’s phenomenal with the curry paste, but the powder worked just as well.

Anyway, instead of the coconut rice recipe included on How Sweet It Is, I used my new all-time favorite coconut rice recipe from Splendid Table – so delicious.

If you have a steamer pot, you can cook the rice in the pot and steam some bok choy on top at the same time, like me! #winning


Sour Cream Soufflés

Have you ever seen the old Sabrina? Not the new one, with Julia Ormond, where Sabrina comes back looking like a model and takes cool pictures. The old one, where Audrey Hepburn cuts off all her hair and walks around in black lycra pants and ballet-neck black tops, and somehow pulls it off because she’s always looked like a 12-year-old. In the old one, Sabrina doesn’t work for a fashion magazine in Paris. She goes to cooking school and learns how to cook. And one of the scenes is about making soufflés.

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