arnold palmer chicken

I probably should mention that I’m going dairy free.

It’s just for two months (for now), and only for health reasons (recommended by my doctor). It totally stinks. I don’t eat that much dairy, but cheese is my weekend treat and a huge weakness in general…so I’m going to miss that. Also going to miss a splash of half-and-half in my coffee! But other than that, no big.

So in case you start wondering why all the recipes for the next two months areĀ sans dairy – that’s why.

Anyway, so last night I made a recipe I’ve had on my list for a while: Arnold Palmer Pan-Roasted Chicken Thighs. If you’re not into dark meat, you can stop reading now. Totally fine.

But if, like me, you know that the chicken thigh is the underrated, under-appreciated jewel of the chicken, read on.

So an Arnold Palmer is a non-alcoholic beverage of iced tea mixed with lemonade. Made famous by or named after, I suppose, the eponymous golfer.

The beauty of this recipe is the sweetened tea brine the chicken sits in for hours. It’s been a while since I brined chicken, and I love it! The meat is so tender, so flavorful. And that added sugar in the brine caramelizes when you cook the meat and just takes it to the next level. The skin crisps up and glazes – it’s a great dish. Definitely one I’m going to be keeping in my repertoire.

Do try it!

Chicken Bruschetta

Another big winner from this past weekend was my mom’s Bruschetta Chicken, which is actually, I think, a recipe from my fake-aunt, a dear friend of my mom’s. Obviously, the recipe has been tasty enough to win fame in our family, and deserve to be one of the Chosen to come along with me into my married life.

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