spelt oat date banana bread

We just got back from a first-ever, possibly annual, trip to the beach with my family (almost in its entirety!). There were 15 of us in a large, gorgeous house right on the beach. We haven’t gotten a chance to do our official Squicciarini Family Debrief, and we might not get to do it at all, but I think the consensus was overall very positive, which is why it might turn into a family tradition.

Amazingly enough, even though Joshua and I have been married for almost 4 years, we have never really taken a beach trip. We went to Beaufort for my birthday one year, and that’s as close as we got. The beach house, beach towel, sand and sun experience hasn’t really happened until now. Even so, we do have one tradition: beach cookies. Apparently, Joshua’s family always brought pecan sandies to the beach (apropos!), and I have a vegan almond version that I make and we eat by the handful. Check it out – it’s already on the blog.

Something I brought this year, which was also a huge hit, was a new recipe from A Cozy Kitchen – banana bread, featuring dates and millet seeds. It was yummy! Not very sweet at all (tempted to replace the cocoa nibs with mini chocolate chips next time, quite frankly…), and the millet seeds add this cool crunch. I also really liked the addition of the dates. Not your normal banana bread (or, rather, not *my* normal banana bread). Definitely a keeper!

P.S. – I used a gluten-free flour mix instead of spelt flour.

Almond Dutch Baby

I never heard the term “Dutch baby” growing up. And really, isn’t that kind of an odd name for a puff pancake? Is that what Dutch children look like when they’re born? I think not. So I don’t get that. If someone has the etymology handy, do enlighten me.

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Tuna Melts

I’ve never, prior to last night, eaten canned tuna. The stuff positively grossed me out. I prefer my tuna raw/rare, in sushi or as part of a rad appetizer. Something about A Cozy Kitchen‘s recipe for tuna melts seemed appealing, so I tried it.

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