I love to cook. Actually, that’s an understatement. Cooking is like breathing or reading a really great book or taking a vacation or working on a 2000-word paper or kissing someone you love. It’s a chore with benefits. It’s a hobby with complications. It’s necessary. It’s frivolous. It’s life with an apron.

When I got married, I moved into a one-bedroom apartment with my husband, Joshua. The kitchen was about the size of the walk-in closet I had before marriage. The counter space was about three feet long. It was a bit of a challenge to adjust to cooking in that hallway, but I got the hang of it.

Now, my husband and I have purchased a home that has a much bigger kitchen, although it’s still not huge. It has creamy buttery walls and lots and lots of natural light, just like I always wanted. The counter space is slightly cramped, but there is enough to spread out a cooking board or two, and the sink doesn’t have a divider, which is one of my favorite features. Also, there is a pantry. A pretty good-sized pantry! I put shelves in it from The Container Store! I love it.

I have always wanted to write a cookbook, but I probably never will, because I don’t come up with my own recipes. I cook other people’s recipes and enjoy them. Joshua says that’s what makes me unique, because my taste is superb. We all know he’s biased, but regardless, you might agree if you stick around a while and try a few of the recipes I make and recommend! I’m subscribed to a lot of blogs, and I read cookbooks like they’re literature. So I’m like The Drudge Report for home chefs. 🙂


P.S. – this blog is all about my food, but if you’re more into life, thoughts, and activity, check out my other blog.

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