the nine days [2015]: day 6

So! How do you feel about shakshuka?! I’m pretty sure I posted my favorite recipe on here before (ok, absolutely certain), but I got this one in the inbox the other day and thought, hey, how about a new take on shakshuka? I’ve never knowingly eaten tomatillos before – is the crazy? – and I knew where I could get them, so I went for it.

I think sometimes I should remind myself of the Southern adage, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Although this recipe was quite tasty, and I do love a good dose of mint, and I have no problem with the taste of tomatillos…I’m definitely sticking to my regular favorite. I’ll tell you why: tomatillos. What a nightmare! What a time-consuming, tedious, not-enough-bang-for-your-buck nightmare! I didn’t know (because I didn’t do what you’re supposed to do before you make something – READ THE ENTIRE RECIPE) that tomatillos need to be de-husked and then charred and peeled before use. Ugh.

So I leave you with the link, if you’re feeling up to peeling two pounds of warm tomatillos. It was very tasty, for sure. And if I could get tomatillos ready-to-use, perhaps I would pour them in the pan and make it again.


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