the nine days [2015]: day 4

I am so excited about tonight’s dinner! I had a few eggplants from my mom’s garden a few weeks ago, and I can be a little picky about how I eat my eggplant. I do love a good ratatouille, if it’s done well, but everything else seems hit or miss.

I came across this eggplant “meatball” recipe, out of the blue, and decided to give it a go (since I had all the ingredients). As it turned out, I mistakenly used up all my parmesan cheese on a different project (which totally could have been made with something other than parmesan, but I wasn’t thinking straight), so I ended up using the remains of a jar of nutritional yeast, instead. I also substituted quinoa for breadcrumbs, and I will definitely always be doing that when I make these in the future.

Although we have not eaten them for dinner yet, I couldn’t resist popping one in my mouth when they came out of the oven the day I made them (had to test them!). They are absolutely delicious, and love the way the garlic comes through. If you don’t like that so much, you might want to either cook the garlic briefly before assembling the meatballs (perhaps sauté with the eggplant), or cut back on it. But really…why would be cut back on the garlic?

I will admit that I didn’t stop at one taste the day I made these. They are really good.

Then I put them in the freezer until now! Pulled them out this morning, and will probably serve with something green and some marinara.


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