the nine days: day 8

Winding down, finally! We’re in the home stretch of meatless meals, and I’m sure we’re all craving some good red meat or fresh salmon (aren’t we?). However, it is still summer, and that garden or farmers market is still producing, so let’s eat some squash.

I plan to serve Yotam Ottolenghi’s beautiful Casteluccio Lentil salad, from his book, Plenty. To go along with that, let’s eat Deb Perelman’s delicious-looking summer squash gratin! It has breadcrumbs! And salsa verde! And GRUYERE. (!)

Don’t we all love the fact that while we eat meatless meals, we can still eat cheese? Me too. I mean, we’re in mourning, but there are always bright spots in the clouds. 🙂

Tonight at sundown, we start the fast of Tisha b’Av (the Ninth of Av), and it is traditional to do so with boiled eggs and dry toast, right before the sun sets. So, while I might normally add one more element to this meal, I will hold off, because we’ll be eating eggs later.


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