the nine days: day 4

If we’re mourning for Jerusalem, it would seem appropriate to eat something really Israeli. Authentically Jerusalem, you know? I can’t believe I haven’t shared my favorite shakshuka recipe with you before.

Believe it or not, my favorite shakshuka hails from Bon Appetit! I’m sure my Jerusalem book has one, and I’m sure my Balaboosta cookbook has one, but the Bon Appetit version is the first I ever made, and I have to say I absolutely adore the addition of feta cheese (not, unfortunately, totally authentic).

Sometimes I leave out the cumin, if I’m not feeling in the mood. It does have the distinctive flavor, and every now and then I find it wipes out all the rest of the tastes in a dish. So sometimes it’s in, sometimes it’s not.

Obviously, I do not eat my shakshuka with “warm pita bread” <swoon>, but I do love a good corn chip… Mostly, I find I can just eat this one with a fork. I let it really boil down before I top it with eggs and put it in the oven, so the sauce part is particularly thick. I like it like that. No one wants shakshuka soup. Ew.

This time around, I plan to throw in a handful of fresh tomato chunks, if I have any. Some red peppers would be a lovely addition, as well, if you want. Peppers are kind of shakshuka-traditional. Just don’t skip the feta. It’s so good. That salty, creamy crumble? Ahhhh.


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