the nine days: day 2

Next up, a recipe I haven’t made yet, but look forward to trying! We all have a falafel recipe (right?), but how about one that uses lentils instead of chickpeas, and you don’t even have to cook the lentils? Doesn’t that sound cool??

This recipe uses a mind-blowing 2 cups of parsley AND 2 cups of cilantro – I’m hoping those herbs add a pack and punch that normal falafel doesn’t have. I might make their tahini dressing, or I might drizzle some of Jessica’s spicy feta dip over, instead, because it’s so delicious…

While I will almost definitely serve these on top of a salad, with kale being not quite in season right now, I will probably go with something a little more normal, like romaine. Love the carrots, though. Also, falafel is traditionally served with a “salad” of cucumbers and tomatoes, cut small, and I will probably do that, as well. It adds what is normally a much-needed moisture to the dish.

UPDATED TO ADD: yeah…so this recipe. Good flavor! I love how the insane amount of parsley and cilantro turn the whole thing green (odd that the picture doesn’t make it look like that). Unfortunately, I found the texture did not turn out the way it sounds in the recipe. My mixture was quite soupy, and I had to add tons of flour, and it didn’t seem to do much. There was certainly no rolling going on; my falafel was spooned out into globs on my baking sheet – it baked up just fine, and I know I put too much flour, but I was looking for that rollable consistency they kept talking about! I’m not sure I’d make it again – too risky. Good flavor, though!


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