the nine days: day 1

Today begins The Nine Days, a time period in Jewish tradition where we are in deep mourning regarding the destruction of the Temple. During this time, we don’t eat meat or drink wine, so I will be switching things up a little on this blog and posting each of the nine days with a meatless meal – the one we will be eating that night. Therefore, since many of these are new recipes, I don’t actually know if they’re any good. However, you, like me, may be looking for some vegetarian dishes that aren’t too heavy on the carbs (anyone can do vegetables with pasta, you know?), and I hope to help you with that. Obviously, you may be a real planner (like me) and already have all nine meals set (it’s actually only eight, because the first day begins well after dinner and the last day is a fast day, which can end with a glorious feast of whatever your heart desires), but if not, here we go! Let’s begin.

On the first day (today, Monday, the 28th), I am making my all-time favorite vegetarian chili recipe. I am a big fan of chili with meat in it, and I have another recipe I favor for that type. But this is the ultimate bean chili recipe. It’s from Deb over at Smitten Kitchen, and it is absolutely awesome. The first time I made it, I paired it with sweet potato straws, and Joshua and I just could. not. stop. eating. The straws were so tasty and crisp, the chili was perfectly spicy and warm and filling and the beans were creamy…

Anyway, I’m making this on the first day of the nine days so that I can send leftovers with Joshua to work for lunch for a day or two. A lot of his lunches normally consist of turkey or chicken burgers or salmon burgers or tuna salad, so I need a good, filling, vegetarian option to roll with, especially at the beginning.

Note: I use broth instead of beer in the recipe, as beer is not [usually] gluten-free. In this case, it will be vegetable beer.


One thought on “the nine days: day 1

  1. Can you picture a group of guys pounding back some asparagus brew? Or a mushroom pilsner? Bud Leek? Sprauten? Heinekarrot? That is a hoot! Vegetable beer indeed.


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