chocolate, peanut butter, and pretzel cupcakes

Even more epic than the cheesecake (can it be?) were these cupcakes. I have to put them on my blog, simply to inform the people who read my blog and also attended the birthday party as to how much work they were. The actual cupcakes were kind of a breeze, but the frosting. Oh goodness. The frosting.

It’s a European buttercream, which apparently means that it is enriched with egg yolk. And then it used a pound and a half of butter. Not just any butter, but Kerrygold butter – the higher-fat-content, European-style butter. A POUND AND A HALF. I think I stood in front of my stand mixer beating butter into the frosting for upwards of half an hour.

The cupcakes were mighty fine. 🙂 Would I make them again? Maybe. Joshua adored them. It would probably take a special request for me to do it again, but I’m glad I made them at least once, just so I can say I did.

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