summer chickpea salad

Whoa. Did you know the last time I posted on this blog was exactly three months ago?? What happened?! Where did I go? Well, to New York, actually…twice…but that’s for another blog and it’s a long story. Back to food, though! Obviously, I didn’t stop cooking for three months, but there just weren’t a ton of recipes that really did it for me over the past three months. And I certainly wasn’t going to clog up your inbox with so-so recipes. Here’s a new one I recently tried and really loved for lunches.

So it’s from Jessica over at How Sweet It Is, and it’s a chickpea salad, although I like to do half chickpeas and half black beans, because I feel like chickpeas can get a little chalky. I also did cucumber instead of corn, because I have CUCUMBERS growing in my GARDEN (!!), and most definitely not any corn. In fact…I don’t even have corn in my freezer. Hm.

The cherry tomatoes I used were also from my garden!!! I am just so excited about being able to use stuff I’m growing! I hope you can, too. 🙂


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