Grapefruit Curd

It’s kind of funny to me that the word ‘curd’ conjures up images and flavors of mouth-puckeringly tart-sweet citrus spread, which I love, while the word ‘curdle’ is basically one of the grossest words in the English language and makes me think of what happens when you put soy milk that is past its prime into a cup of coffee. Ew.

Now that you have that in your mind…


Grapefruit curd – yum! And also, grapefruits are so much bigger than lemons, it takes a lot less grapefruit to make grapefruit curd than it takes lemons to make lemon curd. This is good.

Obviously, you shouldn’t make this now, because citrus is leaving us and we should be moving on to stone fruits now. However, save this recipe for December and make gifts. That’s what I did, except they were Purim gifts. I put a tiny jar of homemade grapefruit curd in our citrus-themed Purim baskets this year. It was a huge hit.

P.S. – I’m sure the doughnuts included in this recipe would be smashing, but I did not try them myself. Have at it.

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