Creamy Parmesan White Bean Stew with Spicy Greens

Twice a month, my husband and I attend services with our small home community. Everyone brings a potluck-type dish to share at lunch time. I have such a hard time coming up with something to bring! Especially during the winter, when we really want something warm and comforting, but everything really needs to be served room temperature or cold. This recipe is one of my latest answers.

I had to lug it over in my crockpot, but that’s ok. It’s so thick and stew-y, it didn’t slosh around in that irritating way that soup does. It did not make a mess in my husband’s car. It was delicious and got rave reviews.

All of these are reasons I may be bringing it again this weekend.

P.S. – DON’T FORGET to soak your beans the night before!


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