Mushroom Stroganoff

Today is my mom’s birthday – happy birthday to her! When we were growing up, my mom was the only person in the house who liked mushrooms. We could always tell when she had been cooking them, because they give off that distinctive (and, we thought, disgusting) smell.

I do not condone the current route parents seem to be taking of allowing their children to choose what they will and will not eat – OF COURSE they only want chicken fingers and macaroni & cheese. My parents made us finish what we had on our plates, so I’ve forced down a lot of mushrooms in my time, but their rules paid off. All five of their children now at least tolerate, if not really like, mushrooms. Hence this stroganoff. 🙂

It’s creamy and delicious, and I cut out the heavy cream and used a splash of my almond milk. Not a big deal. I also loved the tang of the creme fraiche. YUM.

I also took this opportunity to get a couple of different kinds of mushrooms, instead of the usual baby bella. The meal was delicious and filling. I am so making this again.


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