Pulled Chicken Sandwiches, Jalapeño Popper Style

Last month, Charlotte got more snow than we’ve gotten in a really. long. time. It was almost a foot high – lots and lots of snow. My husband came home from work early the first day, and we were holed up in the house together for the next two days. It would have been even more fun than it was if he didn’t have to work from home. Anyway, so these sandwiches were our dinner the first day. It was cold and snowy outside, but inside, my chicken was sitting in the crockpot making the house smell INCREDIBLE.

I’m all about making my own cheese sauce. None of that oddly-colored goop from the grocery store! Cream cheese + cheddar + heavy cream! That’s the way it’s done!

The chicken was super, super easy. It literally just sat there all day, stewing, until it fell apart at the mere suggestion of a fork. Also, who thought of toasting up breadcrumbs and sprinkling them on a sandwich to trick your mind into thinking something is fried?! That’s cool.

Joshua absolutely loved these things.



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