Chocolate Crunch

Have you ever heard of the Mast Brothers? I didn’t connect the name with the “face”, so to speak, until I saw the cover of their new cookbook and realized they make chocolate in distinctive wrappers. I know exactly who the Mast Brothers are, it turns out. 😉

So they wrote this whole cookbook that uses CHOCOLATE in pretty much every recipe. Possibly every? I’m not sure – it’s on my wish list…

Tasting Table was kind enough to share this decadent delight with us. Even though it uses a ridiculous amount of chocolate, I decided to try it. I took one for the team. I made it so you wouldn’t have to. And now that I have…you need to, too.

It’s like the best out of all candy bars. It has the richness of chocolate combined with the crunch of crisp rice cereal with just a hint of peanut butter. (!!!!!!) I’m sure you could use another nut or seed butter, if you wanted to. It’s only two tablespoons.

Warning: cut small squares and enjoy slowly. You can make the pan last over a week, if you’re careful. OR invite friends over every single day of the week to help you get through it all. OR possibly a party snack! Everyone loves chocolate!


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