Morning Glory Oats

So remember that carrot cake baked oatmeal we made a bit ago? That was totally awesome. If you haven’t made that yet, stop reading here and do that first. THEN let’s use carrots in our breakfast food again and make oatmeal with carrots. Yum.

Joy the Baker is one of my favorite food blogger personalities. You already know how much I love her and how I listen to her podcast. She’s moving to New Orleans for some reason, so her blog will probably be a little slow and dead for a few weeks as she drives and gets her kitchen re-set up.

In the meantime, oatmeal.

I made this the day before I wanted to serve it, and just reheated it the next morning – it was fabulous! I’m sure it’s the same directly after cooking. But just know that it’s good leftover, too. I really like breakfast recipes I can make the day before I need them (see also: baked oatmeal, raw buckwheat porridge, frozen waffles, and any assortment of cakes…).


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