Sesame Chicken

Here it is. The piece de resistance. The recipe you’ve all been waiting for. I mean, if you’re gluten free and have loved and craved Chinese-restaurant-style sesame chicken ever since you went gluten free. This is for you.

And, actually, Joshua loved it, too. So maybe it’s universal. I really do think it tastes exactly like the real thing. It doesn’t have the crunchy bits, but otherwise – the taste is spot on. Very sweet, my mom pointed out. But spot on.

Wait. Did I mention the ultimate draw? Did I tell you the real magic behind the recipe?! It’s made IN THE CROCKPOT!!! Yes, I just shouted at you. CROCKPOT! Set it and forget it! It’s totally awesome and a must-make. It will be a staple in our household for centuries, I’m sure of it.


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