Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cake

This recipe is total genius. I absolutely adore the taste, texture, and GET THIS cream cheese frosting, but on top of that, it makes a 9×13″ PAN!?! Because, you know, when I want to make cake, I want to make a cake that we can eat for breakfast all week. Or maybe dessert all week. I will admit we ate this for breakfast and only breakfast and never dessert and we actually had a houseguest at the time and never offered her any. We are so selfish. I’ll try to work on that this year.

Be advised that the first step in this recipe involves 30 minutes of wait time. So make sure you factor that in when you plan to make it. I didn’t, and I ended up with nothing to do for 30 minutes. I say 30 minutes because the following step only takes about 1 minute, so you really do have to wait a while. That being said, how easy does this recipe sound?!?!

Make it and invite me over. I could use another piece.


P.S. – I’m a big fan of Tracy’s podcast with Joy the Baker (the Joy the Baker podcast). Find it on iTunes!


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