Baked Turkey Meatballs

While we’re baking things…let’s not stop at breakfast! Let’s make meatballs! In fact, let’s make so many meatballs that we can invite our in-laws over for dinner and serve spaghetti and meatballs for FIVE hungry people and still have a whole bag of meatballs leftover in the freezer to bring out at another time!

Because, I mean, if we’re going to get our hands dirty and make meatballs…let’s really make meatballs.

I will admit that I knew full well that Joy’s recipe called for 2 pounds of ground turkey, but I could only find 1.5-pound packages at the store, so I got two and then accidentally threw them both in and didn’t realize it until far too late. But HEY. It worked out! Like I said, I had plenty of meatballs. And they tasted great and held together just fine! Next time, I’d love to try the ratio Joy set up, but if, as they say here in the South, it ain’t broke…


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