Cinnamon Sugar Doughnuts

Next up in our amazing doughnut line-up, the classic Cinnamon-Sugar.

The best thing about these doughnuts was the light, fluffy interior and the ever-so-slightly crisp exterior of sugar and cinnamon. Kind of like a sugar crust. They may actually have been my favorite over-all, although the last ones I made, which recipe I’ll share tomorrow, were also pretty awesome.

Be careful when filling your doughnut pan with these. I found that the recipe could have made maybe one more than six, but I stuffed all the batter into my six-doughnut pan, and they came up over the edges – not cool. Salvageable, but not cool.

If you have trouble getting them out of the pan to cool, as I did, wait a little longer to let them cool more. The hot and warm doughnuts will tend to fall apart on you. Letting them sit a little longer will help keep your doughnuts intact.


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