Chocolate Buttermilk Doughnuts with Salted Caramel

Ok, remember how I said I would give you all kinds of doughnut recipes, and how I would be baking up doughnuts like nobody’s business for the week of Chanukah? Yeah. So time kind of got away from me a little – as in, I didn’t realize how busy it would be with Chanukah, Thanksgiving, AND my brother-in-law’s bar mitzvah all happening within the same eight days. So I don’t have eight doughnut recipes for you (never did), but the three flavors I did make were smashing successes, and will be filed away in my recipe folder for next Chanukah. You have my permission to do the same.

These chocolate doughnuts were actually my least favorite of the three flavors I made this year. I thought I’d start with them and move on up from there. Although they were my least favorite, they were by no means bad.

I will say this: they weren’t big on the sugar. Not as sickly sweet as a lot of other doughnuts out there, even with the caramel going on. The doughnuts themselves were chewy and soft, with a hint of tang from the buttermilk.

Funny story. To make caramel, you heat up sugar, wait for it to darken, then add butter and cream and stir, stir, stir. The mixture bubbles furiously until it cools down a little. As I was stirring vigorously, I noticed something had gone amok with my plastic stirrer. I lifted it out of the caramel and, behold – it was shrunken and melted into odd, white shards which were floating around in my silky caramel. Don’t worry. I strained them all out. And no one was the wiser or the sicker for it. I caught it in time. 😀

Don’t do what I did. Use something sturdier than plastic to stir your caramel. Apparently, it gets pretty hot. (!)


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