Baked Chicken with Leek, Bacon, & Mustard

I’ve been waiting to make this recipe for a while. I had to wait until we could have turkey bacon again (I took us off bacon for our diet, because I have yet to find organic, farm-raised, cage-free, all-natural, hormone-free, grass-fed bacon).

I love a recipe where you put meat on the bone in a baking dish and cook it a while, and the meat kind of falls off the bone when you eat it. Tender. Juicy. Succulent.

I’m also a huge fan of leeks. Yum.

Mustard and bacon never hurt anyone, either. Real bacon probably would have been a crispier crunch here, but I cannot condone eating pork, so I’m going to have to say to keep the turkey bacon.

Either my Costco-sized chicken thighs were double the size of Barb’s, or she counted wrong, because I don’t know how you could fit 16 chicken thighs into any one dish. I cooked eight, and that’s all my 13×9″ baking dish could handle. It was also plenty of food. Just use your common sense.



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