Spaghetti Carbonara

I love carbonara. One of my favorite recipes for it is from Giada, in one of her many books. She uses a little mustard and tops the pasta with a poached egg. It’s really yummy. Maybe it will show up here at a later date. The thing I like about this one is the lack of cream or heavy dairy.

The only dairy it uses is a bit of grated pecorino cheese. However, the sauce is incredibly creamy, due to the use of 4 egg yolks. The heat of the freshly-cooked pasta cooks the egg yolks and melts the cheese, and…it’s like macaroni & cheese for grown-ups. It’s amazing.

I didn’t use the pancetta, obviously, but a little crunch is a great addition. Instead, I made some croutons out of gluten-free bread, tossed around in a bit of oil, salt, and pepper in a hot skillet. Kind of like little pieces of toast. *YUM*

This is staying on my repertoire as one of my favorite comfort foods.


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