Peanut Butter Pancakes

The key to really, really great pancakes? Fat. Cook them (fry them) in a lot of fat. More fat than you would think. Kind of a shallow fry, if you will. Enough fat so the pancake doesn’t even touch the pan, because of the layer of hot oil between it and the iron. That’s the key. Trust me.

Pair that with pancake batter filled with EXTRA fat – peanut butter – and you have a real winner. Of course, you have to like peanut butter. I guess you could use another butter, like almond or sunflower, but…I wouldn’t.

The crispy bits of bacon that were supposed to be in these sound awesome; I don’t eat pork, and I didn’t have any turkey bacon in the house, so we skipped that, and they were STILL GOOD. Next time, I’d like to try the bacon, though.

Next time you have buttermilk, put these on the list. They’re great.


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