Linguine with Chipotle Pumpkin Cream Sauce

I’ll admit that I made this a little tiny bit on the spicy side. On the too spicy side, I should say. Be careful with the heat. Use your power wisely.

I used my super-hot Thai chile-garlic sauce in place of pureed chipotle, but I imagine it has a similar amount of heat (hence the substitution). Just…be careful. I think my tastebuds lost all feeling after the first bite, and then I kept sniffing and couldn’t breathe well. Don’t do what I did.

Because otherwise, this was a delicious and delightful meal! I made it for our anniversary celebration, two nights before our actual anniversary (for which we took a lovely trip to Asheville). I served it up in our china and everything. 🙂

Also, I used coconut milk (as always), and I think an unflavored milk may have been a better choice. The coconut came through pretty strongly, competing with the mild pumpkin. So the almond milk in the original recipe was probably a good idea.


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