Chilled Sesame Peanut Noodles

My mom has always been super into Asian food. She doesn’t eat Mexican or Thai or Indian, so the fact that she’d actually go into a Chinese restaurant or make Chinese food at home is HUGE. And she’s a great hand at it, let me tell you. I think I need some practice.

This dish is packed with flavor – a lot of onion flavor, mostly. If you’re eating it before interacting with people, use a breathmint.

I mostly made it for the peanut butter sauce, because I love peanut butter and need to use it in everything I can.

I had some leftover honey-chili chicken thighs, which made a great pairing. I think some protein is necessary with all these carbs. The peanut butter is some protein, but there’s not much when compared to the pound of pasta. So a bit of chicken is a great addition – make sesame chicken (my absolute favorite Chinese restaurant choice, which probably isn’t even true Chinese) if you can. 😀


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