Honey Chai Roasted Almonds

I like spicing my own nuts. Sometimes, fancy nuts you can buy in the store are covered in yucky things, like dextrose and maltodextrin and stuff. If you do it yourself, you can put anything you want on them.

BUT. I have this unfortunate tendency to burn nuts. When I roast them, they just burn right up.

However, knowing this, I kept a very, very close eye on these and managed to finish them without ruining three full cups of raw almonds (read, EXPENSIVE MISTAKE if they had burned).

I like them, but I have to be in the right mood to eat them. You know how you don’t always feel like chai tea or Indian food? Well, sometimes you don’t feel like filling your mouth with cardamom. So…these nuts aren’t my popable, go-to snack, but they’re nice for a change.


Next time, I’d add more salt, but I like my nuts salty. That’s why I eat them. For the salt.


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