Sweet Potato Cakes

My sister Christine, who is quite the Iron Chef (is that title branded or trademarked or anything? I’m using it loosely here), pointed me in the direction of this sweet potato slider/burger from Sprouted Kitchen. It uses leeks. Oh my goodness. Any excuse to eat leeks.

I love leeks. They have that onion flavor, but it’s mild and buttery. It’s not overpowering, and leeks have never made my eyes water.

Serendipitous interruption here, but my eyes never watered when I cut onions before I got LASIK surgery. Prior to that, I guess my contact lenses had protected my eyes from the fumes. I remember the first time I sliced up an onion after having the surgery and having to sniff and wipe my eyes and everything while I cut, positively glowing with the realization that this was the first time that had ever happened – and all because I could finally see. It was amazing.


Back to leeks.

Or, rather, sweet potato cakes.

So, so good. Make these for dinner soon! I didn’t do the yogurt sauce, because we’re off dairy right now, but I’m sure it’s divine. Everything from Sprouted Kitchen is.



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