Everything White Bean Hummus

I make hummus at least once a week. Sometimes twice, because we always have to have some for the weekend. It’s my go-to snack. Hence, I’m always looking for ways to switch things up a little. Do something different. Because once you do something different, the classic tastes that much better. Right?

And, at the same time, you get to try different things – that’s the whole point.

I came across this hummus on How Sweet It Is, one of my all-time favorite food blogs. I wish I could live the food life that Jessica lives and still look like her. I can’t understand how she’s able to live on ice cream, cake, brownies, burgers, pumpkin spice lattes, and doughnuts, and still be a normal size. Some people just have it all.

Anyway, this hummus is a take on an everything-bagel flavor, but put with white beans and scooped up with ships or crackers or…bagel thins! Hehe. That would be hilarious.

WATCH OUT: it’s very, very onion-y and garlicky. I kind of love that, but you might want to make sure you’re staying in for the evening. And have some strong decaf coffee and a slice of rich chocolate cake afterward, to alleviate the staying power of garlic and onions on your tastebuds.

Also, I don’t usually have poppyseeds on hand, so I used chia, which look the same, but are far better for you. Shhh. Don’t tell.



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