Chocolate Chip Cookies

I have had a lot of chocolate chip cookies in my life – they’re kind of the quintessential cookie, you know? But so many of them just weren’t up to snuff. And a lot of the ones I’ve made turn into flat, crunchy disks with peaks of chocolate. I’m sure Alton Brown would say something about my oven being too hot. Or possibly too cold. I’m don’t know which.

Anyway, these cookies.

They’re totally dairy-free ON PURPOSE. Meaning, instead of butter, they use grapeseed oil, and THAT is the secret. Cookies & Cups, from whom this recipe hails, has a lovely picture of them on her blog and that is exactly what these cookies look like – I was amazed! They were the most perfect, most beautiful chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever made!

Total score.

And I was able to make them gluten-free, and Joshua did not complain about them being grainy after they had cooled down, which he almost always does. He may have just been being nice, though. But I thought they were great!

They are now my go-to chocolate chip cookies, because any I’ve made with butter never turned out as well as these. Plus, as Shelly so nicely informs us, grapeseed oil is super-good for you.


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