Banana Snacking Cake

When we put the word “cake” in the same sentence as the word “snack”, that makes me happy. 🙂 Although I will admit that I’m not the biggest cake fan. Cakes are too often dry and crumbly. I’m much more into the fudgy brownie. However, this recipe uses a cool technique to retain more moisture and makes for a really, really good cake.

Next time you find yourself with two old bananas, do this with them instead of blending them with peanut butter and sticking it in the freezer for ice cream (although I find that when you have THREE old bananas, two can go in the cake and one can be used for ice cream and they pair really well together – just saying).

The special technique is allowing the hot cake to cool for a few minutes, and then covering it with a towel to help it reabsorb the steam. Joshua can attest to how moist this keeps the cake. You will love it.

Also. Top with chocolate chips. Always. I don’t know how Sara left out the chocolate part, but it’s kind of necessary to put chocolate chips in anything banana. My mom has made the recipe with chocolate chips stirred in; I spread my cake with the cashew cream and sprinkled them on top – either way is equally lovely.


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