Brown Sugar + Roasted Garlic Pulled Pot Roast Sandwiches

WHAT?! Have you ever eaten a gluten-free hamburger bun? They’re pretty much awful. So big and dry and like cotton in your mouth. But if you put some of this pulled pot roast on one of those buns, and make sure to catch some of that extra jus…well, that’s the only way I’ll eat a gluten-free bun, let me tell you.

Also, I love roasted garlic. If you follow the link to this recipe, Jessica has a great link right there to take you to her instructions on roasting garlic (if you’ve never done it before). I can eat that stuff like candy.

It’s probably good for you, too, right?

Probably. 🙂

Just as a note: we are alcohol-free right now, so I didn’t use the beer (although the alcohol would almost assuredly be gone by the time we got to it, I don’t need to buy beer when we’re not drinking it). I mixed a bit of honey with apple cider vinegar and club soda. I think it worked just fine. Vinegar always does good things to beef.

P.S. – we had a nice amount left over, which went into our freezer to be pulled out at a later date for an easy meal. Yum.


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