Carob & Fig Muffins

I’ll admit it right now. I did not go spend the $6 on carob powder from the special health food store. I used cocoa. Don’t tell Sarah.

And they were STILL really good! Because she’s that amazing. 🙂

They are definitely not the smooth, uber-soft, sweet version of muffin you’d get at Starbucks. They feel healthy and, in my opinion, really cool. They have such texture, and I really like that. Also, the lemon zest with the chocolate/fig tastes…yum. Kind of like pairing a strip of lemon peel with espresso. Nice touch.

I don’t normally have applesauce on hand, so I mashed up a banana, and it worked just as well (I think). Be careful not to overbake these into dry hockey pucks – the figs may fool you into thinking the muffins need more time. Be on your guard.

P.S. – my recipe made 12 normal muffins, and I popped most of them in the freezer, to pull out and reheat for easy weekday breakfasts!


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