Quinoa & Vegetable Chorizo Salad

If you’ve been wondering where I’ve been this past week, I’ll tell you: moving.

We moved into our new house yesterday (hurray!!!)!

There is so much more space!

Enough about the house. You can read more about our move here, if you’re interested.

So what did I cook last week…?

Well, I found this amazing recipe for vegetarian chorizo from Green Kitchen Stories via Food52. I HAD to try it.

Any recipe made using cheesecloth has bragging rights. It’s so advanced-sounding. Only the upper crust of the culinary world even have cheesecloth in their kitchens, right?? Right. I certainly didn’t until last week, when I made this recipe.

These look exactly like sausages. They hold together so surprisingly well. And they taste good! Check, check, check. Eat with hot mustard.

I also loved the quinoa salad – putting tomatoes with onions and apples is extraordinary. Try this.


P.S. – I put leftover chorizo in the freezer and it was beautiful. Imagine having really good vegetarian chorizo, without those yucky food colorings they put in them, without an unhealthy amount of processed soy, available in your freezer at all times? Amazing.


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