The Raw Brownie

I’m not too into food trends, but every now and then they come up with a good recipe. So, while I’m not raw and don’t advocate a lifestyle of only raw food (?!??!?! who would do that to themselves?!), this raw brownie is quite tasty.

I’ve been watching Laura from Sidesaddle Kitchen on tastemade for a while now, and my sister, Christine, introduced me to the lovely Sarah Britton over at My New Roots (congratulations, Sarah, on your pregnancy!). So I’ve gotten exposed to a handful of raw recipes. Some of them are weird, but some of them sound amazing.

Like, for instance, these brownies, which are made of dates, walnuts, and cocoa powder, with the addition of a pinch of salt and some chopped almonds for texture. They’re really good! They don’t taste weird at all, and they’re kind of fudgy, which is how I like my brownies. Super-easy to make, too, if you have a food processor. Probably impossible if you don’t.

P.S. – while you’re over there at My New Roots, go ahead and subscribe to Sarah’s amazing blog. I love how she tells you exactly what each ingredient will do for you – don’t we all want that kind of information when making a recipe?


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