Crispy Fish Sticks

Fish sticks, right? Those processed-ground-fish cylinders that all match perfectly and are covered in breadcrumbs and look DECEIVINGLY like mozzarella sticks. Yeah, yuck, right? Well, turns out when you make them with fresh fish, and you don’t grind said fish to indiscernible nothingness, and you hand-bread them with fresh breadcrumbs…those things can be pretty tasty!

But then, *anything* breaded and fried is tasty. So no big.

This is from Bon Appetit‘s July issue of this year. I did not use panko, I toasted and food-processed my own fresh breadcrumbs out of gluten-free bread (yum). Otherwise, everything was the same.

I really liked them. So did my husband. So did my pregnant sister. So did her one-year-old. So, apparently, did the unborn child in her womb. 😀 Surely that means everyone would like them!

And really, they’re quite easy. Dredge, dip, bread, fry. Simple. I also love how you can bread them and then freeze them and cook them later – cool! I made these for dinner last night and fried up about half the batch for Joshua and I. Then I froze the rest, breaded, and took them to my sister’s house this afternoon for lunch and fried them up there. Worked absolutely great. This could be a happening meal for the rest of the…well, forever. Why not?

P.S. – quite good with Joy the Baker‘s Homemade Spicy Ketchup, although Joshua liked them with a squeeze of lemon.


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