Cluster Granola

I simply must tell you all about this amazing granola. Have you ever made granola (please say yes – this is a staple)? You know how homemade granola FAR outstrips any storebought granola, in taste, quality, and creativity? But…there is one thing that storebought granola has that homemade granola just can’t seem to imitate. CLUSTERS.

But I have a recipe for that! And it WORKED!! It totally worked! Now I can make my granola at home, with any of the nuts, seeds, and dried fruit combinations that I want, completely free of gluten, with clusters.

This euphoria can be yours as well. The recipe is from, who got it from Melissa of The Traveler’s Lunchbox. I made it almost exactly as she said, but I removed the cardamom, because I was overpowered by the last granola batch and did not feel like having that taste in all my cereal again. I wanted dairy-free granola, so I used coconut oil instead of butter. Also, I had regular rolled oats on hand, not quick oats, so I measured out a pound, dumped them in my food processor, and pulsed until they looked like quick oats. Then I removed half a pound of the newly-made quick oats and continued processing the rest into a fine oat powder/flour, as the recipe instructs. Thank you, Melissa, for giving us a weight measurement instead of a volume measurement, or I would not have been able to do this so easily.

Joshua declares this the best granola he’s had in his entire life. So, obviously, you need to make it.


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