Peas [Asparagus] with Baked Ricotta & Breadcrumbs

I love the idea of baked cheese. Baked brie. Baked provolone. Cheddar, baked into macaroni & cheese. Swiss, heated on a raclette grill. Baked ricotta, topped with crispety breadcrumbs. Are you with me?

Trader Joe’s did not have fresh peas, so I had to go with fresh asparagus. Same difference, right?

I’m sure this dish would have been ten times as good with the whole milk, whole fat, creamy, handmade ricotta they suggest. Oh well. Fat free, assembly-line ricotta was all I had time to buy this week. NEXT time, we’ll take a trip up to Reid’s Fine Foods and see what they have to offer.

I did mint instead of sage. I’m more into mint with peas or asparagus. Sage? That’s so Thanksgiving.

Anyway, it was good. It was tasty, and relatively easy. It was a yummy way to eat ricotta cheese. Do this sometime. It’s like summer comfort food. I think that’s what Joshua said.

This recipe hails from Vegetable Literacy, that lovely book by Deborah Madison, which I don’t own but very much want. However, Amazon has kindly provided a few recipes on their page for our perusal – featured recipes. This is one of those. Don’t you want the book? I do.

Joshua says: Joshua has decided to no longer comment on the recipes that I cook, as it hinders his enjoyment of said food. You’ll have to rely on me and my review. For those of you who were just in it for Joshua and his thoughts – I’m so sorry. Do stay on. I’m sure he’ll have a comment every now and then.


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