Veggie (Beet) Burgers

Everyone’s doing a beet burger. My sister made us beet burgers just recently from Sprouted Kitchen, then I saw Green Kitchen Stories do their own version, and then did a “Best-Ever Veggie Burger“, made mostly of beets. What’s with beet burgers these days?

I will admit to buying Trader Joe’s pre-packaged, pre-cooked beets to make this recipe. And, because I did that, the only one I could make was the Kitchn’s, because the other two recipes have you grate raw beets and incorporate them and cook them in a slightly different way.

I think that would work better. The burgers my sister made held together so well – enough to be able to pick them up with no bun and transfer them to your plate without ending up with beet-burger shards all over the place. I was so impressed. THESE that I made last night, though, did not hold together well at all. I tried to get as much moisture out of the beets as possible, but it wasn’t enough. That’s why I think starting with raw would have been better.

So, while these were exceptionally tasty (especially piled high with fresh garden tomato, sliced mango, whipped feta, and kale pesto), I would not recommend them if you’re looking for a fantastic veggie burger. Go for Sprouted Kitchen, instead. Or possible Green Kitchen – I haven’t tried theirs yet. #nextonthelist #nexttimeIwantaveggieburger

Joshua says: 10 out of 10, but remember that he primarily grades on taste (and sometimes creativity). Also, I managed to at least make the burger on his plate LOOK unbroken. As the cook, I was disappointed with the texture and presentation.


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