Cold Avocado Soup + a new adventure

I have to tell you – I’m not a fan of cold soup. What’s the point of that, anyway? Can we call it what it REALLY is: a vegetable smoothie someone dumped in a bowl? That’s kind of gross to think about. I remember a few cold soups in my childhood…they did not go over well. And yet, something about cold avocado soup sounded appealing. Don’t you think?

Besides, can we ever go wrong with David & Luise from Green Kitchen Stories? I think not.

I loved how easy this soup was to pull together. I am currently babysitting a one-year-old, and I’ve never had a baby, myself. The last time I cared for a one-year-old on an extensive basis (besides my gorgeous niece last weekend) was probably 17 years ago, when I lived with my sister, Mary, who is now 18. THAT LONG AGO. Anyway, that was beside the point. The point was that having a small child around and trying to keep tabs on her and make sure she doesn’t stick her finger in an outlet or open my cabinet of wineglasses makes for some distracted cooking. It doesn’t stop me, but it’s a little hindersome. That’s why I liked this soup; throw it all in the food processor, and press go. It’s that simple.

I wish I had had fresh dill and chives on hand. I think my dried dill is just tasteless. I can never get that amazing dill flavor to come through, no matter how much I sprinkle. I need to grow some when I move. So if you can get it, definitely do the fresh.

I liked the way the soup was so thick and creamy. It made me think of pudding, instead of soup, which I do like to eat cold. It was kind of like a savory pudding. It could probably have been thinned out, especially if I needed to serve more people, but it wasn’t necessary. I’d eat it again. It wasn’t my favorite, but I’m not a cold coup person. If you are, or if you like avocado, go for it.

Joshua says: 9 out of 10. He’s not a cold soup fan, either (why did I make this??). He said it tasted good, but the consistency was odd (I would say the consistency was great, but the taste didn’t match what my tastebuds were expecting – I subconsciously expected sweet, and it’s not). He would also eat it again. But he is so easy.

P.S. – my new adventure is my new PODCAST! That’s right. I started a weekly podcast with my sister Mary, and we just put up our very first episode!!! Check it out and subscribe, if you want. We are trying to keep them 30-40 minutes in length – nothing too long and tedious. It’s all just for fun. Join us!


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