Roasted Strawberry Almond Meal Muffins

I find that a good mantra to live by is, if you can possibly fit a Sprouted Kitchen recipe into your menu for the week, do it. If it happens to include roasted strawberry and no real flour, do it immediately.

These muffins are moist, soft, and delicious. I love the roasted strawberries, and roasting strawberries means they’ll keep longer than the fresh berries normally do – a godsend.

I didn’t put chocolate chips in mine, as I was making them as part of our dinner, but I’m sure that would have been amazing. Possibly next time. Also, I made mine regular size, not mini (I don’t own a mini muffin pan – are you noticing a trend with regard to things I don’t own?).

I think the recipe speaks for itself, and the gorgeous pictures help with visualization. 😉 Check it out.

Joshua says: 10 out of 10. He said they were amazing.


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