Chocolate Nutella Pots

I have a confession. I do not particularly care for Nutella. I’m not a big hazelnut fan. I don’t go for the praline Godiva truffle. It’s good – I’ll eat it. But it’s not my favorite. I much prefer other nuts. Almonds. Cashews. Pistachios. Pecans. Yum. But hazelnuts. <shrug>

However, Trader Joe’s has come out with a delightful take on Nutella using almonds – their Cocoa Almond Spread. It has a relatively intense almond flavor, although it didn’t really come through in this recipe like Nutella would have. That’s ok – I’ll take my dark chocolate over either any day.

The fabulous Sneh at Cook Republic tops hers with boozy cream, flavored with Irish liqueur, but that didn’t figure into my weekend (not with the onion tart going on – too much dairy already). Plus, I don’t keep whipping cream on hand. So mine were plain, but there was NOTHING plain about the depth of chocolatey flavor and rich darkness that covered your tongue and coated the roof of your mouth with mouthwateringly good taste.

I hope you’re sufficiently sold.

I also love the fact that this recipe does not take much work or ingredients. I bought a pound of dark chocolate at Trader Joe’s, and that was pretty much the only special ingredient needed (you might already have that on hand!). I poured mine into cute jars, because they needed to travel well and jars come with tops. It worked great. Joshua was quite happy, and I have a LOT MORE CHOCOLATE to make more for us.


Joshua says: 10 out of 10. And what else could he really say, right? Who doesn’t like pots of thick, dense, lovely dark chocolate?


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