Tuna Melts

I’ve never, prior to last night, eaten canned tuna. The stuff positively grossed me out. I prefer my tuna raw/rare, in sushi or as part of a rad appetizer. Something about A Cozy Kitchen‘s recipe for tuna melts seemed appealing, so I tried it.

I have decided, once and for all, that I don’t care for tuna from a can. BUT! If you don’t mind it, much like my husband, these melts are for you.

Adrianna suggests putting salt & vinegar potato chips on top, another thing I don’t care for (why did I make this recipe?), and something we also didn’t have on hand (because I don’t like them). We did have cheese and crackers. That was our crunch.

They were beautiful and went over really well – Joshua hasn’t had canned tuna since we got married (obviously). The only thing I disliked was the particularly strong fishy taste and smell of the canned tuna, but that’s just me. You might love them. Give it a go.


Joshua says: 9.5 out of 10. He would have liked a little more flavor…perhaps some heat. I would agree with that, although I tasted the mustard loud and clear. The apples and onions are great additions, Joshua continues, and declares it one of the best tuna melts he’s ever had. He did suggest adding a salty side item…guess the saltiness of cheese and salted crackers wasn’t enough? He’s usually complaining of too much salt. #somewhatconfused

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