Summer BBQ Quinoa Salad

When I saw this quinoa salad, I knew it was a must-make. First of all, it’s totally packed with protein: quinoa, chicken, chickpeas, bacon (I only do turkey bacon) – and I added feta cheese and avocado, so that’s bonus points. AND it’s tasty!?

This recipe comes from the lovely Jessica at How Sweet It Is. The only things I would change in the future about her delightful and delicious recipe is that I would add feta and avocado (as I stated previously), because I’m such a huge cheese fan, and also when we have flavors like these, avocado is kind of a must. Also, I would layer the salad, instead of mixing it all together in one pan/pot, because I found that the barbecue sauce soaked into my quinoa and made it into a huge pot of mush. Add onions, chicken, and chickpeas, and…oh, look – everything is the same color. So I’d spread a bed of quinoa, top it with that brightly-colored reddish chicken, then chickpeas, then turkey bacon, then onions, then corn, then avocado, then feta. Then cilantro, which totally should have been in my kitchen and wasn’t. Same for those green onions…

Come to think of it, that’s probably why I added the avocado. For all the green I was missing.

Here’s a tip: instead of using barbecue sauce, because I’m out of our AMAZING Steven Raichlen Best of Barbecue Cabernet Barbecue Sauce (and I’m not sure it’s even being made anymore), I used some of my brand-new, homemade spicy ketchup from last post! It worked great here. Must recommend.

This lasted well, and made great leftover lunches for my husband and I today. And it was easy! And it used an onion from my large onion stash. This is all very good.

Joshua says: 10 out of 10. This was probably due, in large part, to the addition of the avocados. He is a big avocado man. Meaning he’s into avocados in a big way, not that he is a big man.


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