Watermelon Mint & Cider Vinegar Tonic

Remember that post I did a few weeks ago (three, to be exact) when I mentioned that it was a fast day and who wants to talk about food on a fast day? Yeah, well, today is another fast day, and I thought…this is a beverage, so does that even count?

It’s not something I allow myself on a fast day (water only!), but that doesn’t mean we can’t talk about it. Because really you can make it today and DRINK it tonight or tomorrow, so this is really the perfect recipe for today.

First of all, how do you feel about watermelon? Yuck. I don’t care for the stuff. BUT. This tonic is the one and only way I’ll be doing watermelon for the rest of the summer. Join me.

Secondly, how about apple cider vinegar? Joshua can’t stand the stuff, and I do admit that it is a bit strong. However, I love it. It’s like grown-up apple juice. And it’s unbelievably good for you. Get the one with the mother.

This is an especially easy recipe to make if you have three thriving mint plants. I made it with my sister, who lives at my parents’ house, who have three or more thriving mint plants of different varieties. Otherwise, you’re stuck going to the grocery store and buying all of their available stock of those plastic clamshells of mint, which they may not appreciate. And that gets expensive.

Hint: my mom has had the same (I think?) chocolate mint plant growing in and around her herb garden forever, and the thing grows like a weed. It refuses to die. It comes up in the cement cracks. Get one of those.

P.S. – I would cut the honey and add more cider vinegar next time. I’m more into the tang than the sweet, but do whatever you want to do there. We (meaning my sister and I) made the recipe exactly as is, and ended up adding more vinegar at the end for some pop.


Joshua says: he didn’t give me a number, but he had a glass of it, finished it, and said that was enough for him. I’ll let you be the judge. But guess what *I’m* drinking all summer??!


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