Pickled Vegetable Sandwich Slaw

After reading Deb Perelman’s post on how pickled vegetables will change your life and make you feel like everything is incomplete without vinegar, I thought I could use a little life change like that.

I’m not brave enough to try real pickling (with a canner and stuff) in this little kitchen, although I’m sure it’s possible. This recipe appealed to me because it used all kinds of  vegetables and is a quick pickle – a “quickle” as I like to say, having watched whichever Chopped episode that was (Season 10, Episode 12?)…

I really like them! They do pack a nice, pickly punch, and I think they’ll be great on sandwiches. Joshua even topped a salad with them and said it was fine, so that’s cool, too.


Joshua says: 9 out of 10, for no particular reason. He’s never been the biggest of pickle fans, and neither have I, but I’ve heard that vinegar does wonders for cooling you down in the heat, so I’m giving it a go this summer. Try it with me!


One thought on “Pickled Vegetable Sandwich Slaw

  1. That looks yummy and so colorful! I have never been a fan of pickles that you buy at the store, but when my mom makes her own… you cant beat it!

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