Jalapeno Black Bean Quinoa Burgers

I have a confession to make. <whisper> I forgot the jalapeño.

So I threw them into apple cider vinegar, salted and honeyed them ever so slightly, and served them on top! Triumph!

But they probably would have been great in the burgers. :-/ Oh well.

This recipe hails from Joy of Kosher, but originally from Whitney Fisch at JewHungry. They are, obviously, kosher, but that shouldn’t deter anyone from eating them. As with pretty much every veggie burger I’ve ever eaten, they are on the mushy side, but I found that they at least held together enough to flop around in a pan for a few minutes. So the outside got a little crisp, and I topped them with gouda, kale pesto, and slices of fresh mango. Instead of a bun, because veggie and grain burgers get smothered in a lot of bread (and generally seem to glop out the sides – have you noticed?), I served them on a bed of slivered greens. These I would recommend dressing before topping them with the burger. I would have liked that better.

I have two left over, and plan to break them out later this summer! Yum!


Joshua says: 9 out of 10. Can a veggie burger expect much more than that?


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